Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart
— Liz Gilbert


I paint. I draw. I sometimes exhibit my work, and I create branding for lovely people. I spend as much time in (and under) the sea as I possibly can. I post stuff on Instagram and facebook. Eggs make me gag. I ride horses and longboards (and an awesome little scooter while in Bali, where I live for 6 months of the year). I’m left handed. I got my National Diploma in Graphic Design in 2002. I've been freelancing full time since 2009, and my last full time job was with Men's Health magazine in South Africa. I've moved house 17 times since the age of 21 (probably a few more since writing this), and lived on 4 different continents (safe to say, I'm not very good at staying put). Poetry and music are like oxygen for my creativity. I love a good glass of red, or white, or rosé. I'm a leo lioness (rawwrr - don't mess with the people I love) - an '81 model, and I come with a 10 year old golden retriever called Max. I want to be an animal rights activist when I grow up.

But for now, I’m all about tying my work - be it graphic design or fine art, in with the essence of who I am and my yearning to see and experience (and, where I can, repair) as much of this amazing old world of ours as I possibly can; and helping you create the most authentic branding for yourself and your business, too.

I’m proud to have worked with some profoundly rad people. Artists, chefs, digital agencies, health coaches, jewellery designers, musicians, life coaches, writers, photographers, wildlife conservation and animal welfare organizations, and other spectacularly inspiring humans who are working to make this planet a more peaceful, beautiful and sustainable place in which to live. I’m stoked and grateful to live this life of mine, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.



August 2016: Bright Day Creative Studio / Woodstock
September 2016: First Thursdays @ The Village Idiot / Cape Town
October 2016: First Thursdays @ Leap on Loop / Cape Town
October 2016: Familiar Faces: An Exhibition of Portraits
@ Montagu Museum / Montagu
November 2016: First Thursdays @ Leap on Loop / Cape Town
December 2016: First Thursdays @ Leap on Loop / Cape Town