Be Your Own Guru

This was a re-branding project and book cover design for one of my dear friends Heidi, from Be Your Own Guru.

I love what these words represent: Learning to fine tune our ears to the infinite wisdom of that little voice within. Giving that small voice the encouragement and freedom to grow, to become bolder, braver. Letting go of the fear surrounding big decisions and life choices as we start to really trust that inner voice that's evolved into a burning knowing in our hearts. Taking responsibility and ownership for our thoughts, our behaviour, our patterns and our shit. The only way forward, is through.

This is what Heidi's about - and I dig it.

I worked on this design while traveling through Thailand on an extended visa run this April, and how serendipitous it was to find myself surrounded by so many ancient temples and exquisite buddha statues (the theme my friend co-incidentally wanted for her logo).

I love it when real life and work align themselves so perfectly. The inspiration came easily, and the watercolour illustration that's now become her icon was lovingly hand drawn from a little courtyard one Friday afternoon in Chiang Mai.

I've subsequently designed her business card and the cover of her first book (to be released soon!). To see more of what this wonderful woman is about, visit her website, or follow her on facebook and instagram.

progress photo.jpg
business card.jpg
book mockup.jpg