Elephant Love

So many animals that belong in the wild are born and raised in captivity, where they're unfairly treated and exploited for our use and amusement. The Elephant Rescue Park is a newly established sanctuary; it's long term objective being to offer a permanent home to abused, injured and mistreated ellies. They're nestled in a pristine and unspoiled valley north of Chiang Mai in Thailand, and after painstakingly researching the most ethical elephant sanctuaries in the area, I decided to pay them a visit.

Animal welfare, particularly when it comes to wildlife in captivity, is something I feel a soul-calling for. I won't bore you with emotional accounts of my own experiences, nor will I conservation-bash you into never doing an elephant ride in Thailand or petting a lion cub in South Africa (but seriously, don't). What I will share with you is that when I find an organization I believe in, whose values are aligned with my own, I am easily caught up with trying to donate my time, my energy, my skills, my money, my life and my entire emotional capacity to this cause until I inevitably collapse into an emotionally exhausted, physically run-down, disillusioned puddle of sweat and tears. Fortunately, with the maturity I've gained through a bit of life experience, I've learned how to go about donating my time more responsibly in ways that are effective, make a difference and raise awareness without depleting my energy or disrupting my own personal balance.

And so, I decided to donate some of my time and design skills to helping the Elephant Rescue Park set themselves up with a new logo, business cards, a redesigned brochure, T-shirt designs, and an illustration or two to sell or gift their guests. I also set up a crowd funding page to help them obtain the funds to take on full ownership of a severely injured elephant in their care, and get her the professional medical care and treatment she needed (I'm proud to say that we were successful, and a few days ago she was moved to an elephant hospital).

In exchange, I got to form what I know will be lifelong friendships with some of the most selfless, big-hearted humans and soulful, gentle elephants I will ever have the privilege to know.

To see more of what this wonderful organization is about, visit their website or facebook page.

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